Basic Crepes


2 tbsp. melted butter
1½ cups milk
2/3 cup all purpose flour
½ tsp. salt
3 large eggs
Vegetable oil or canola oil


Large mixing bowl
¼ cup ladle or cup
7" crepe pan or similarly size non-stick skillet
10" or larger skillet
Narrow heat resistant plastic spatula
Pastry brush
Paper towels
Wax paper


Whisk together salt and flour in mixing bowl.

Add milk, eggs and butter. Whisk together until smooth.

Heat both skillets over medium heat. Brush lightly with oil and wipe gently with paper towel to leave a very light film of oil.

Once hot, put a scant quarter cup of batter into the crepe pan. Cook for about 30 seconds until top is no longer shiny.

Use the spatula to loosen the edges until the crepe can slide around the pan.

Slide the spatula under the center of the crepe and flip into the other pan. While it cooks, you can start a new crepe in the first pan.

Cook the crepe in the large skillet for about 30 seconds.

Remove the crepe to the plate that has been lined with wax paper.

Repeat, stacking the crepes to keep them warm.

Yield: about 12 crepes.


I do not recommend using cooking sprays for anything in a skillet. They tend to build up a residue over time and eventually become sticky.

Allow your pans to cool on the stovetop. Do NOT plunge them into cold water. That will cause the non-stick coatings to detach from the pan.

When cool enough to handle, wash the pans in soapy water, rinse thoroughly and dry with a lint free towel.

When storing non-stick pans, do not stack anything inside them.

Do not use metal tools with non-stick pans.


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